I am collaborative, decisive and a great problem solver, thriving in fast-paced, digital environments! Organization is a strong suit of mine, allowing me to prioritize multiple projects and meet tight deadlines. 

Having worked collaboratively with well known, major brands and photographers across the world on behalf of 500px Studio, I have found an undying passion for shaping photography strategy, brand awareness, identity & growth, and creative direction. I understand the importance of visual imagery and always find new, creative and exciting ways to communicate and promote the different ideas various companies have approached me with - all while adhering to and maintaining a consistent visual identity for the brand I am collaborating with. 

My experience on both sides of the lens has given me the best perspective when it comes to working with and directing photographers. This ensures that high level ideas that have been given to me, are executed seamlessly. It has made me thorough when understanding client requests - asking detailed questions to ensure both my understanding and the photographers understanding of the upcoming shoot is crystal clear.

While I currently work as an Art Director at 500px Studio, I still have an unwavering love for makeup and beauty portraiture as well as various types of product photography and photo retouching! I am always available for local projects, collaborations and other opportunities that may arise. Send an email to karenbiilmann@live.ca to inquire about rates and availability, or just to say hi.



Toronto, CANADA

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