About the Client

This client is a website template creator with over 100 million users across 190 countries. They believe in total freedom when creating a website - they look to empower anyone who wants to create their own website with no coding or design skill required!


About the Project

Photographs were taken by Adlan Mansri on behalf of 500px Studio.

The main purpose of this photoshoot was to create a cool, hip assortment of photos that can be used for website templates. They wanted to be able to maintain the ability to use the photographs on a broader spectrum. Informative images that portray relationships, work/life balance, or the overall fashion editorial experience is key.

The images needed an authentic look and feel. This meant capturing a variety of images featuring candid and neutral moments such as models wearing neutral coloured clothing, natural makeup, artistic images with an urban and clean feeling. The images needed to be casual, minimal and clean. The models needed to look like they were comfortable and confident and like they were owning their photoshoot. The clothing had to have very few details in the style and the images couldn't look staged. The fabrics needed to be plain and the models would be photographed against simple backgrounds.


Using Format