About the Series

Meelie Mckay

There is a saying: ‘Presence in Absence’.

For this FOCUSED series, Meelie Mckay, a London based documentary photographer, aimed to document local women who discuss their experiences and encounters of gender-based violence and abuse. Throughout Meelie’s portraits, these women remain anonymous, drawing attention to and emphasizing the absence of understanding and widespread awareness around the global issue of gender based violence. Many cases of violence and abuse against women still largely remain undocumented, often due to feelings of shame felt by the victims, which in turn encourage women to remain silent. This silence is still kept by many women - these women are your friends, work colleagues or someone you pass by on the street. By capturing these portraits without the physical presence of these women, we can more broadly  identify with this series, inserting personal encounters or experiences in the place of the absent women.

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