About the Series

Samuel Petras

Samuel Petras is 17 year old photographer based in Slovakia. He used this series to connect with his audience with his imagery, touching on topics of feeling targeted, judged and ultimately overcoming and uplifting one another to a place of power. Stating that he wanted his images to feel almost “surreal” in their appearance, blurring the line between reality and the subconscious experiences of mental anguish one may feel after experiencing some form of psychological or physical abuse.

Samuel uses a number of common themes throughout this series to provoke the audience into deeper conversation, using elements such as bronze paint or an orange tie, both carrying symbolic meanings. He uses an orange border to remind us that this, unfortunately, is a repetitive cycle, starting at any point in this series, it can evolve into something more positive, or regress into something more sinister in nature. This also suggests that anyone, at any time, can be victim to this.

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